About Us

It’s not about acceptance – It’s about exceptional!

People have been looking toward the North Star since the beginning of time - to guide them - to navigate them toward their destination. You have reached the end of your journey, with the start of a new adventure about to begin. Discover what it means to live in a Northlander …to live as a Northlander owner.

Time shows us what is truly important in life. Over 55 years ago, an ambitious young entrepreneur believed to merely surpass his competition was not enough; he aspired to transcend an entire industry. Having built upon this desire for decades, Northlander has continually stayed one step ahead, maintaining its leadership role in this industry.

Having been proven by time, with pragmatic creativity, and unmatched quality, we have earned the respect of countless families from eastern to western sea. Feel the strength of Northlander’s uncompromised craftsmanship ... to experience life with friends and family, as it was meant to be.

Understanding the concepts of modular living is more than just a science. It requires inspiration and creativity. It requires the depth and breath of decades of practical knowledge, but more importantly it requires you, the ultimate reason for why we create. Your input has been invaluable over the 55 years we have served you. This experience together has allowed us to create what all of us imagine - a living space of unparalleled beauty and comfort - that will not only stand the test of time, but create the memories that time so carefully preserves. Life is meant to be lived and Northlander is here to make it happen!





Our primary objective is nothing less than the total satisfaction of our valued customer; to deliver a product that attains the highest standards of quality and durability, and to provide unparalleled customer service – to constantly strive to earn the title "Northlander".

Family Owned & Operated since 1964

In business, as in life, it is our reputations that define and sustain us. At Northlander, we began building our reputation back in 1964 and since then, have always been committed to bringing our customers the highest quality craftsmanship, performance and value. A product that combines customized floor plans, designer decor elegance and so many more amazing features that have to be seen to be appreciated. We are proudly Canadian, family owned and located in Ontario’s heartland, where small town values such as community, loyalty, honesty and integrity are highly respected. This is where our dedicated team of 200 professionals operate, all of whom are proud to be part of Northlander, the industry leader! Visit one of our loyal family of dealers and make yourself part of the historic Northlander story!