Northlander always prides itself on being the leader in this industry and the Luxe - Signature Series allows you to experience first-hand, all the reasons why. Offering bold and inspiring designs with surprising features, the Luxe is an example of Northlander’s ingenious craftsmanship. Clean, cool and captivating architectural lines, inside and out, create a contemporary look like no other – a look that we know you will fall in love with the moment you step inside. This is the retreat you don’t just live in - you evolve in. Your Life …Your Luxe!

Design Features:

    • Impressive view through high bank of windows, bringing the outside world in!
    • Warm neutrals, white accents and bright chrome fixtures all coordinated to perfection!
    • Designer cabinetry showcasing wide screen TV is cottage living at its finest!

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Name Plan # Type Unit Size Addition Size Unit SQ FT Addition SQ FT View
Lincoln 18-4760-2 Single Wide 39'-3" x 13'-9" 540 View Floor Plan
Lakota 18-4835-2 Single Wide 41'-0" x 13'-9" 539 View Floor Plan
Luxor 18-4761-2 Single Wide 42'-0" x 13'-9" 540 View Floor Plan
Lexington 18-4762-2 Single Wide 43’-0" x 12’-0" 538 View Floor Plan
Lockport 18-4763-2 Single Wide 44'-0" x 12'-0" 538 View Floor Plan
Lakeshore 18-4764-3 Unit with Addition 36'-0" x 13'-9" 26'-0" x 12'-0" 492 310 View Floor Plan
Lavana 18-4766-2 Unit with Addition 40'-0" x 12'-0" 27'-0" x 12'-0" 480 264 View Floor Plan
Labrador 18-4836-2 Unit with Addition 40'-0" x 12'-0" 22'-0"x 12'-0" 540 264 View Floor Plan
Lethbridge 18-4765-3 Unit with Addition 50'-0" x 12'-0" 49'-0" x 12'-0" 468 372 View Floor Plan