Innovation distinguishes between a Leader and a Follower

Aug 23, 2017

1964 – On August 24, Bill Smith hires 12 men to commence the construction of a production plant and the first unit is produced on November 2. The first manufactured unit was a 13’ x 7’ travel trailer for Mr. Jim George of Sarnia. 
1965 – Original manufacturing facility expands 8,400 sq. ft. to a total of 21,400 sq. ft. 
1970 – Northlander produces a mobile church for a Quebec taxi company. 
1975 – Northlander replaces electrical tools with air tools. 
1977 – Northlander begins to manufacture Mobile Homes to CSA standards; provides 70 replacement homes to Cobalt, Ontario after devastating fire destroys 123 homes. 
1983 – Local GM dealer Bob Hamather purchases Northlander, maintaining Canadian family-owned tradition. 
1988 – The "Penthouse” Park Model is a "show stopper” when unveiled at the Toronto Motor Home Show, featuring whirlpool tub, circular bed and a mirrored ceiling. 
1992 – Northlander begins to manufacture Park Models to CSA standards and is the first manufacturer to receive "Category Certification” allowing Northlander to custom build park models. 
2000 – On February 2, Northlander ships its 10,000th unit, a Legacy travel trailer to Niagara Trailers. 
2004 – Two manufacturing facilities are acquired for a Finishing Plant and inventory storage, totally 88,000 sq. ft. on 12 acres, bringing facilities to a total of 148.000 sq. ft. on 26 acres. 
2006 – Northlander develops the Mini Home, in response to demand for energy efficient and environmentally friendly recreational living. 
2007 – Full one-year and five-year limited warranty offered. 
2011 – Northlander purchases CNC equipment and is the first manufacturer to offer and build on site, "European” or "Full-Access” cabinets for their units. 
2014 – Northlander celebrates 50 years of expert craftsmanship  
2015 – Northlander develops all new contemporary park model - Luxe Signature Series - the emerging of a new era in cottage lifestyle  
2016 – Additional CNC equipment is purchased to keep up with the demands