A Canadian Company Steeped in History.

Since 1964, Northlander Industries has prided itself on manufactured high quality, Canadian products for the Canadian market.
Learn more about how our family grew their reputation and company from a one man operation an industry leading company.



On August 24, Bill Smith hires 12 men to commence the construction of a production plant and the first unit is produced on November 2. The first manufactured unit was a 13’ x 7’ travel trailer for Mr. Jim George of Sarnia. 


Original manufacturing facility expands 8,400 sq. ft. to a total of 21,400 sq. ft. 


Northlander produces a mobile church for a Quebec taxi company. 


Northlander replaces electrical tools with air tools. 


Northlander begins to manufacture Mobile Homes to CSA standards; provides 70 replacement homes to Cobalt, ON after devastating fire destroys 123 homes. 


Local GM dealer Bob Hamather purchases Northlander, maintaining Canadian family-owned tradition. 


The “Penthouse” Park Model is a “show stopper” when unveiled at the Toronto Motor Home Show, featuring whirlpool tub, circular bed and a mirrored ceiling. 


Northlander begins to manufacture Park Models to CSA standards and is the first manufacturer to receive “Category Certification” allowing Northlander to custom build park models. 


On February 2, Northlander ships its 10,000th unit, a Legacy travel trailer to Niagara Trailers. 


Two manufacturing facilities are acquired for a Finishing Plant and inventory storage, totally 88,000 sq. ft. on 12 acres, bringing facilities to a total of 148.000 sq. ft. on 26 acres. 


Northlander develops the Mini Home, in response to demand for energy efficient and environmentally friendly recreational living. 


Full one-year and five-year limited warranty offered. 


Northlander purchases CNC equipment and is the first manufacturer to offer and build on site, “European” or “Full-Access” cabinets for their units. 


Northlander celebrates 50 years of expert craftsmanship  


Northlander develops all new contemporary park model – Luxe Signature Series – the emerging of a new era in cottage lifestyle  


Additional CNC equipment is purchased to keep up with the demands


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