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Setting a new standard

Our mobile homes set the standard when it comes to quality and durability but that is not where it ends. We strive to give each and every one of our customers a home that is designed impeccably, that satisfies their needs as well. Vaulted ceilings, custom cabinetry, full size appliances and of course professional decor packages are just a few of the features to choose from that will turn your house into a place you will be proud to call home. Discover comfort and style – and what it means to live in a Northlander.

2023 Brochure Specifications

Make Model Unit Type Plan # Unit Size Addition Size Unit SQFT Addition SQFT Floorplan
Milton Single Wide 20-5009 50' x 14' 682 SQFT View Floorplan
Moscow Single Wide 20-5010 56' x 14' 770 SQFT View Floorplan
Montreal Single Wide 20-5011 58' x 14' 798 SQFT View Floorplan
Markham Single Wide 20-5012 60' x 14' 819 SQFT View Floorplan
Minto Single Wide 20-5013 62' x 14' 825 SQFT View Floorplan
Mitchell Single Wide 20-5014 64' x 14' 880 SQFT View Floorplan
Malibu Single Wide 20-5015 64' x 14' 888 SQFT View Floorplan
Monkton Single Wide 20-5016 66' x 14' 907 SQFT View Floorplan
Maitland Single Wide 20-5017 66' x 14' 907 SQFT View Floorplan
Maddison Single Wide 20-5018 68' x 14' 952 SQFT View Floorplan


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